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Slowmound Mugo Pine

4" Growers Pot

Pinus mugo ‘Slowmound’

The dense, dark green mound is one of the best, with highly reliable color, texture, growth rate and habit. Beautiful year-round, 'Slowmound' produces many showy buds and matures to a wide, even shape that is naturally compact. At only 1-2′ in 10 years, it works well in even the most confined areas.

  • Garden Size:  4’H x 6’W
  • Dwarf:  3-6″/year
  • Habit:  Globe Shaped
  • Hardiness:  Zone 2
  • Exposure:  Full Sun

Many perennials and bonsai plants will have a ‘winter look’ that differs from how they look when actively growing.  Colder temperatures and short days alter the appearance of these plants as they go thru seasonal changes.  Some plants require this reboot to bloom and/or perform at their best during the growing season.  Plants may remain semi-dormant until early spring.  Rest assured that these cosmetic changes do not adversely affect the health of your plant.