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Novelty Artstone 10" Black Square Ella Planter


Novelty Artstone Ella 10 inch black square self-watering planter has a built-in internal water-minder reservoir drainage system which rehydrates plants as needed. Made from a proprietary blend of resin and natural stone. Includes footed bottom for airflow. No need for saucer or tray. Keep rubber plug inserted for indoor use. Remove rubber plug for outdoor use. Frost and UV resistant.

  • Built in Water-Minder™ Reservoir Drainage System refeeds plants as needed
  • Made from proprietary blend of resin materials with significant amount of natural stone
  • Removable rubber stopper for drainage; no need to punch holes
  • Lightweight and durable; can be used indoors or outdoors
  • No need for saucer or tray
  • Frost resistant and UV resistant; can be left outdoors year-round