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KLIFT-IT Rotor Sprinkler Riser for Rainbird 5000/5004 Series, 5 Pack


Need to raise a rotor sprinkler head?

KLIFT-IT allows you to raise a rotor "quickly and easily" with no digging! As you sprinklers sink over time, you'll need to raise them to keep your lawn evenly green. 

Height Extension:  2 inches

Product Description:  For the first time ever, you can raise a rotor/sprinkler from the top of the head without digging. The KLIFT-IT allows you to raise a rotor/head 2 in. above the grass without digging which saves time, makes the process easy and increases sprinkler performance, which means no more brown spots. KLIFT-IT improves labor efficiencies for contractors, makes the process easy and understandable for homeowners and creates a new revenue stream for distributors. No digging, no dirt induction into the system, increased distribution uniformity, increased filtration. Easy, more cost effective and a better way to raise a rotor head/sprinkler. The KLIFT-IT includes the coupler with a seal, the riser that Fits on rotor when taken apart, acts as a check valve when you add the rubber nipple gasket on the bottom. You can stack the KLIFT-IT if you need to get some extra height.

  • KLIFT-IT riser allows you to raise a rotor sprinkler quickly
  • KLIFT-IT allows anyone to raise a sprinkler head from the top instead of from the bottom
  • By making it fast and easy enough for anyone to raise their sprinkler heads, watering stays efficient and distribution is maximized
  • KLIFT-IT is designed for the homeowner and professional alike
  • KLIFT-IT can be stacked for those extra deep heads
  • KLIFT-IT riser allows you to raise a rotor sprinkler easily
  • KLIFT-IT riser allows virtually no digging
  • KLIFT-IT saves labor and time by raising sprinklers from the top
  • KLIFT-IT has a rubber nipple on the bottom that acts like a check valve

Warranty and Life Expectancy:  Life expectancy of the KLIFT-IT is equal to the head it is being attached to. KLIFT-IT is made to take a beating, and because there is no changing in the original Head structure or workings, there is minimal possibility of failure. KLIFT-IT has a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.