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Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig

6" Growers Pot

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Ficus benjamina 

The Weeping Fig is one of the most poplar small indoor trees featuring arching branches and long pointed leaves. This species is notorious for losing leaves when its growing space or conditions are changed.  In late summer and fall, the loss of up to 20 percent of the leaves is quite natural and not a cause for alarm.  Misting the tree regularly will help to minimize leaf drop and it's best to withhold fertilizer until it stops losing leaves.  New leaves should start appearing in the spring.

  • Light: Direct Sunlight – This plant loves direct sunlight so place it by an window that gets direct, natural light for a least a portion of the day.
  • Water: Thirsty – This plant can only go 1 to 2 weeks without water so check weekly and water when the top two inches of soil dry out.
  • Tips: Like many houseplants, ficus would rather be too dry than too wet so if you are unsure about whether it needs water, wait a day or two and check again.