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Fertilome Rooting Powder for Houseplant and Ornamentals, 2 oz.

2 oz.

Fertilome Rooting Powder is a recommended product for treating plant roots, whether inside or out. Just select the desired cuttings from your plants, moisten the cuttings, and dip the cutting into the powder. Dip it until the stem is covered up to the point that it will be placed into the soil. Remove any excess powder on the cutting by tapping the plant on the edge of the product container, letting the extra powder fall back into the container. Place the cutting into the desired rooting medium, making sure that the powder isn't rubbed off when inserting. Keep the medium moist until the roots of the cutting have started growing. It is also great for general treatment of roots, bulbs, and ornamental plants. Easy product to use, just cut, dip, and plant!

  • Recommended for rooting treatment of many houseplants and azaleas (Evergreen types), chrysanthemums, Chinese evergreens, dieffenbachia, dracaenas, geraniums, hydrangeas, ivy, lantanas, pandanus, veitchii, pachysandra, peperomias, philodendron, poinsettias, pothos and a wide range of other plants.
  • May also be used for general treatment of bulbs, roots and ornamental plants,
  • For rooting houseplants and ornamental cuttings.