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Epiphyllum spp. - Orchid Cactus

4" Growers Pot

Epiphyllum spp. Orchid Cactus

Orchid cactus features stems are broad and flat with serrated edges and big, cup-shaped blooms that emerge at the ends of the stems. It has long, flat leaves that twist and curl as they grow, giving orchid cactus its unusual appearance. The leaves trail, making it an excellent choice for hanging baskets and tall planters. Big, cup-shaped flowers emerge at the ends of the stems, and can be 4-8 inches wide. Most Epiphyllum grown today are hybrids and may be pink, red, white, yellow, orange, purple or bicolored. Also know as Curly Locks Orchid Cactus and Curly Sue Orchid Cactus. 

  • Light:  Filtered Sunlight – This plant needs bright, filtered light with ample airflow so place in front of a window.
  • Water:  Not Thirsty – This plant can go several weeks without water so only water it when the soil completely dries out.  
  • Tip: This plant needs porous soil with adequate drainage.