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Dalen Tree Wrap Protective Gauze 3" x 50'

3" x 50'

Promote faster growth and healthier trees while protecting against weather and pests.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Help new trees overcome harsh weather conditions and grow strong. Dalen Tree Wrap protects against sun-scalding, heat waves, frost cracks, and dry winter winds that can stunt growth and even kill young trees.
  • HEALTHIER TREES: When food is scarce, many animals turn to tree bark as a source of energy, stop pesky deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other garden nuisances from gnawing on your trees, and creating entry points for disease and weather conditions to wreak havoc.
  • PEST CONTROL: Wrapped trees are less likely to suffer damage to the outer bark, which prevents insects from getting under it and laying eggs or feasting on the internal layers of the tree. Tree Wrap also provides a direct protective layer that deters Cicadas and other insects looking for nesting grounds.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Dalen Tree Wrap is a non-toxic, chemical-free alternative to pesticides, paints, aerosols, and other harmful practices. And it is more effective against mowers, trimmers, and other lawn care equipment that regularly causes damage to trees.