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Bonide Rose Shield Systemic Rose and Flower Care Granules, Insectide Plus Fertilizer, 6 lbs.

6 lb. Bottle

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Systemic Insecticide plus fertilizer for roses, flowers and shrub care. Granular formula promotes strong roots and blooms while protecting plants against insect damage for up to 8 weeks. One 6 lb. container treats up to 48 rose bushes or 300 sq. ft. Works to the roots and protects from the inside. This product kills Adelgids, Aphids, Fungus gnats and many more listed insects.

  • Promotes strong roots and beautiful blooms
  • Won't wash off
  • Controls black spot, powdery mildew and more listed diseases
  • Controls Japanese beetles, borers, aphids and more listed insects
  • Protects new growth