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Epic Deer Scram Granular Repellant, 2 lb. Bag

2 lb. Bag

America's Finest Deer and Rabbit Repellent – is all natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe and guaranteed to keep deer and rabbits away from your prized gardens, shrubs and trees, while not being offensive to humans. Deer Scram won’t harm animals, the environment and, most importantly, you and your family. Blended from selected organic components, Deer Scram will keep deer off your plantings because it convinces deer that harm is nearby through their uncanny sense of smell. Deer Scram will change deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Deer Scram, deer actually alert to a sense of danger – even death!

  • Protect your gardens and landscaping
  • All natural and safe around children and pets
  • Pleasant scent - no bad odor
  • Higher active ingredients
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types:  Deer