Nepenthes alata (Monkey Cups / Pitcher Plant)

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Basic Care:

  • Light:  Bright, indirect light. 
  • Water:  Do not allow plant to dry out. 
  • Extras:  Likes humidity.

Nepenthes are tropical pitcher plants native to parts of South East Asia, India, Madagascar and Australia. Most are vines, but some remain compact in habit.  This particular species can be grown as an epiphyte or terrestrially.  If Nepenthes alata is happy where you're growing it then the pitchers can grow to between 7" to 9" long.  The common name "Monkey Cups" comes from monkeys occasionally drinking the fluid in the pitchers...or being digested by the larger varieties.

These plants are carnivorous with modified leaves called pitfall traps- a prey trapping "pitcher" with a deep cavity that is filled with digestive liquid.  These pitchers trap insects or small monkeys for the plant to digest.