Peppermint Seed Packet - Ferry-Morse

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The peppermint herb is a poplar, easy to grow mint. 

Its refreshing, cool tasting leaves add zest to all kinds of cuisine. Peppermint tastes great in sauces and pairs well with vegetable, meat, and potato dishes. It also makes a great garnish for iced drinks, melons and ice cream!

  • Flavor: Cool and refreshing mint
  • Preparation Ideas: This versatile herb can be used in meat dishes, potato dishes, iced drinks, or iced cream to name a few
  • Plant Type: Herb
  • Fill Weight (grams): 0.1
  • Grows Best In: Full Sun
  • Days to Germination: 12-15 Days
  • Days to Maturity: 85-90 Days
  • Planting Depth: .063"
  • Seed Spacing: 12"
  • Growing Height: 18-20"
  • Best Container Size: 12"+

Instructions: Start seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks prior to last spring frost. Or, sow directly outdoors in partially shaded, moist soil. Thin or transplant when 2 inches tall. Harvest leaves as needed.

Suggestions: A rampant grower, best confined to containers to restrict roots. If planting in the ground, plant in container leaving about an inch above the soil to contain spread. Store dried mint in an airtight container.