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Pellionia repens – Trailing Watermelon Begonia

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Pellionia repens

Trailing Watermelon Begonia is an vining plant featuring dark green, lanceolate leaves with a light green central band. The overlap between the two colors creates a whispy, smoky pattern which is very eye catching. Sometimes the leaves will tinge pink or purple. They are carried on long, pink stems which spill over, making this plant an excellent choice for hanging baskets and containers alike.

  • Light: Indirect Sunlight – This plant needs at least some natural light so place it somewhere with windows nearby.
  • Water: Very Thirsty - This plant is very thirsty and needs to be checked on 2-3 times per week and watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Tips: This plant likes humidity and does not like soggy soil.