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Nicholas Diamond Phlebosia (Leather Leaf Fern)


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Phlebosia 'Nicholas Diamond'

The Nicholas Diamond Leather Leaf Fern features broad, tropical looking, undulated foliage that has a slight waxy coating. Each frond has several sets of deeply cut lobes that virtually disappear beneath the almost overlapping pinnae on mature fronds, making it look almost like a delightfully exotic sea lettuce. This fern has a fuzzy creeping rhizome that puts up fronds along its length, and the white-golden fur on the rhizome is downy and upright. 

  • Light: Low light – This plant needs very little natural light and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Water: Very Thirsty - This plant is very thirsty and needs to be checked on 2-3 times per week and watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Tips: This plant likes humidity. Avoid watering right into the center of the plant as this can encourage mold growth and rot.