Fittonia albivenis (Red Nerve Plant)

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Basic Care:

  • Light: Moderate, indirect light, but can tolerate lower light situations.
  • Water: Provide water as needed to keep the plant constantly moist.
  • Extras: Loves high humidity!

The Nerve Plant adds beautiful color to any room. The rich green leaves are touched with red veins. Fertilize your Nerve Plant monthly during the spring and summer.  During the winter months feed every 6 weeks.  This Fittonia likes being planted in terrariums with other plants that like high humidity.  The terrarium helps keep the air moist and filters stronger light that stresses nerve plants out.  When flower stalks are noticed pinch them off as they will make the foliage smaller and the plant more spindly.  If these plants are kept happy they will be a lovely focal point.