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Master Nursery Formula 49 Granules, 8-4-4, 5 lb.

5 lb. Bag

We have run out of stock for this item.

Formula 49 is for year round use. This product is an organic based, all purpose fertilizer for shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns. It is non-burning and will turn lawns a rich green color without rapid growth. Formula 49 contains ammonic, an organic nitrogen derived from ammoniated phosphates, ureaform, and chicken manure. It contains 6% calcium, 5.50% sulfur, 1% iron, 0.1% manganese, and 0.1% zinc.

  • NPK:  8-4-4
  • A year around use, organic base, all purpose fertilizer
  • For use on shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns