Hoya kentiana (Wax Plant)

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Basic Care:

  • Light:  Medium to bright, indirect light with some direct light mixed in.  Don't expose them to direct, midday summer sunlight.
  • Water:  Allow top inch of soil to dry out between waterings.  Water sparingly in the winter. 

Hoya kentiana has long, smooth, sturdy leaves that look like fingers creeping from the pot. It doesn't have visible veining but will develop a dark margin with a red hue if given enough light.  Blooms parachute clusters of star-shaped flowers that are white to pink with five-point centers.  Once the plants start to develop buds don't disturb them and after the flowers are spent allow them to drop off naturally.  Hoyas also don't like being repotted very often and they don't like jumping pot sizes but they look great in a hanging basket.