Bean Garden Kentucky Wonder Rust Resistant Pole Seed Packet - Ferry-Morse

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Bean Kentucky Wonder Rust Resistant Pole is one of the most popular pole beans for home gardens. It is very productive with fleshy, medium-green pods. These distinctly flavored, tender beans are best when pods are 6 inches long. As the name suggests, it is a rust resistant variety.

  • Flavor: Meaty, tender flavor
  • Preparation Ideas: A great choice for dry/shell beans
  • Plant Type: Vegetable
  • Grows Best In: Full Sun
  • Days to Germination: 6-8 Days
  • Days to Maturity: 66 Days
  • Growth Type: Pole
  • Planting Depth: 1-1.5"
  • Seed Spacing: 3'/8"
  • Disease Resistance: Rust

Instructions: Along a trellis about 6 feet tall, sow a seed every 4 inches when the soil is warm. Soaking seeds overnight before planting will speed germination. Thin to one plant every 8 inches when plants have 4 leaves. Pick when pods are nearly mature, but beans are not fully developed and pods are still crisp.

Suggestions: Avoid working around beans when wet; this may spread diseases. When weeding, hoe gently because beans are shallow-rooted. Mulch plants only after thinning.