Cryptanthus bivittatus (Earth Star)
Cryptanthus bivittatus (Earth Star)

Cryptanthus bivittatus (Earth Star)

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Basic Care


 High light. Avoid low light situations.


Every 1-2 weeks. Allow the soil to dry out in-between.  Water frequently in summer but sparingly in winter.


Easy to please!

Earth Stars are a bromeliad. The forest floors of Brazil is where they call home. They never get too terribly tall, but can spread out of their pot easily. They work great to get instant color on a desk or table around the house. The more sunlight they get too, the more intense the color will appear.

Being a tropical plant, these guys prefer humid environments. Many people keep them in bathrooms as they are the most humid places in homes. Keeping the soil moist but not wet is a bit of a balancing act at times. Drain holes in your pot will make things much easier. Keeping it on a humidity tray as well will help with moisture requirements.

Feed using Jack's Houseplant Special during spring and summer months to encourage growth.