Cremnosedum x 'Crocodile'
Cremnosedum x 'Crocodile'

Cremnosedum x 'Crocodile'

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Basic Care


 High to Medium light. Avoid low light. 


Low. Water weekly and less during winter. 


Beautiful succulent to group. 

Crocodile is truly a unique succulent hybrid. The Crocodile Plant has plump, succulent leaves that change color depending on its sun exposure. With more light, the leaves will appear a red to brown but will less light it will revert to its standard green. The name "Crocodile" though comes from the scaly appearance of its stems.

You can treat the Crocodile Plant like any other succulent. Give it lots of light and keep the watering sparse. If you want to keep it compact, keep it close to the light source or it's stems will elongate towards the light source.

Feed using Jack's Houseplant Special during spring and summer months to encourage growth.