Plectranthus australi - Crinkle Charlie
Plectranthus australi - Crinkle Charlie

Plectranthus australi - Crinkle Charlie

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Plectranthus australi

Basic Care


 Medium to low light. Avoid high light situations.


Low. Water weekly and less during winter. 


White, tubular blooms. 

Swedish Ivy is a misnomer to say the least. It's neither Swedish, nor an ivy. Plectranthus grows wild in Southern Africa. It's name comes from it's popularity in Sweden. It also belongs to the mint family. Some people may know this plant by its second most common name, Creeping Charlie. They grow like a vine, making them ideal for hanging baskets.

Whatever you prefer to call it, this plant is one that's easy to please. It is tolerant of lower light levels, but the shape of the plant will be much more uniform in brighter lights. If far away it will get "leggy" trying to reach for the sun. It's leaves are semi-succulent, so over watering is a killer more often than under watering.

Feed using Jack's Houseplant Special during spring and summer months to encourage growth.