Brussels Sprouts Catskill Seed Packet - Ferry-Morse

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Catskills Brussels Sprouts seeds will grow into plants with strong stalks that have brussels sprouts heads measuring 1"-2" across. 

Cabbage-like flavor abounds from the numerous, tender, small heads of this brussels sprouts variety. Heads are easy to pick, high in vitamin C and low in calories! Brussels sprouts plants grow to be anywhere between 24"-50" in height.

  • Flavor: Similar to cabbage.
  • Preparation Ideas: Toss with some thyme, olive oil and salt then roast!
  • Plant Type: Vegetable
  • Fill Weight (grams): 1.4
  • Grows Best In: Full Sun
  • Days to Germination: 7-14 Days
  • Days to Maturity: 90 Days
  • Planting Depth: .25"
  • Seed Spacing: Sow Catskill Brussels Sprouts seeds in rows roughly 3' apart.

Instructions: Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last killing frost in spring. Or, sow two to three seeds together outdoors every 2 feet. Thin to one plant every 2' when seedlings are an inch tall. As sprouts begin to form, break off lower leaves.

Suggestions: When sprouts reach 1" or more in diameter, begin harvest starting with the lower sprouts and work your way up the stalk. A good producer when planted again in summer for fall harvest until frost.