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Black Tacca (Black Bat Flower / Cat Whiskers)

4" Growers Pot

Tacca chantrieri ‘Black’

Tacca chantrieri ‘Black’ is a flowering tropical oddity featuring large, purple-black flowers, reminiscent of flying bats, with long, hanging whiskers. The foliage is attractive as well, with large, green, rippled leaves growing in a clump. Also known as Black Bat Flower, Cat Whiskers, and Devil Flower. 

  • Light:  Filtered Sunlight – This plant needs bright, filtered light to encourage blooming, but avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Water: Very Thirsty - This plant is very thirsty and needs to be checked on 2-3 times per week and watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Tips: This plant likes humidity.