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Aeonium dodrantale - Mountain Rose


Aeonium dodrantale 

Aeonium dodrantale is a unique succulent species, traditionally given the common name Greenovia or Mountain Rose succulent. This well-branching, clumping species has remarkably dense, tightly-packed, cupped, lime green leaves. Yellow flowers emerge from the rosette centers on stems up to 10″ tall. The rosettes will close tight during the dry season, often exhibiting a shape that is reminiscent of adorable tea cups. 

  • Light:  Filtered Sunlight – This plant needs bright, filtered light with ample airflow so place in front of a window.
  • Water:  Not Thirsty – This plant can go several weeks without water so only water it when the soil completely dries out.  
  • Tip: This plant needs porous soil with adequate drainage.