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Adromischus cristatus - Key Lime Pie (Crinkle Leaf)


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Adromischus cristatus 

Crinkle Leaf, Key Lime Pie Plant or whatever you wish to call it is a succulent with some truly unique leaves. Its loose rosette have fuzzy, plump leaves with ripple on the tips. The flowers appear on long stems and are tubular and whitish with reddish markings. It's small stature as well makes it ideal for windowsills, desks and other places that need a friendly plant. 

  • Light:  Filtered Sunlight – This plant needs bright, filtered light with ample airflow so place in front of a window.
  • Water:  Not Thirsty – This plant can go several weeks without water so only water it when the soil completely dries out.  
  • Tip: This plant needs porous soil with adequate drainage.