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Dakine 420 Nitro Nutrients Base, 3-13-26, 200 g.

200 g.

Bring your ganja growth home with Nitro Nutrients BASE–carefully balanced NPK, plus trace minerals to meet all your cannabis plants’ needs. Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth, leading to fast-flowering results and plants that will just ooze THC. Nitro Nutrients BASE teams up with GROW to provide all the micronutrients needed for accelerated plant growth; when used with BLOOM, BASE promotes healthier, larger buds, flowers & fruits! Whatever the growing environment, Dakine 420 BASE will maximize your yields.
  • NPK:  3-13-26
  • Phosphorus Boost:  Perfect Phosphorus blend for colossal bud development.
  • pH Balanced:  Nitro Nutrients Base is perfectly PH balanced. Your plants will thrive.
  • Increased Yield:  Increase yield with fuller, more rapid bud growth.
  • Terpene Profile:  Base is proven to improve terpene profile across the board.