Pleiospilos nelii 'Split Rock'

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Basic Care


Medium to high light. Avoid low light conditions. 


Allow soil to dry out between watering. 


Blooms are yellow/ pink and daisy-like. 

Split Rocks are a type of mimicry plant. These plants mimic the environment around them. For the Split Rock Plant, it mimics the appearance of rocks. They grow wild in arid regions of Southern Africa. Given the right conditions, this plant will put on a yellow, daisy-like flower.

Split Rocks are easy to please! Be sure to use a soil mix that doesn't have too much organic material, like peat. A well draining mix with sand will work perfectly. Allow them to dry out between watering and give it a spot with some sunlight. It's little "spots" allow sunlight into the plant!

Feed using Jack's Houseplant Special during spring and summer months to encourage growth.